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Hello all...I have returned

2017-09-16 08:44:39 by Vaporize

Has been quite some time yeah? Well I have come a long way since my start here,started at 16, now almost 30. No matter how many projects I start I always make sure to remeber newgrounds. Within the next few months I will have a new production setup ready to go so I can get back to work, I have been out of the game for quite some time sadly. Newgrounds will be the new home for test pilots, video game sound track remixes I feel like doing, or just project that don't end up working with the album/ep I am currently on and I just post them up here for free provided the label lets me of course. To those who only know who I am because of abstraction and became a fan and then noticed "hey this dude hasn't posted in months/years!" well that time will come to an end soon and I hope to start pushing out some content soon. For those of you who go back and listen to abstraction here or on soundcloud you may have noticed a long post about posting the song elsewhere without my consent that is there now. A year or so ago I noticed that song all over youtube so I of course issued takes downs and will continue to do so. I ask that anyone who wished to use my content ask me first and I have updated most of my track licences to reflect that. ( A whole drawn out post of that is now on abstration so for more info just go read it I explain everything n such) 

To those still around know more is coming, more tracks like abstraction, more Trance ( my main go to for a long time now) and some new stuff inspired by Joe McBride a.k.a Synkro who's content I have fell in love with over the last few years and draw some influence from. Just know this will come in time, my new system is built and up and running & now I just need to get all my daws back up and running ( and hopefuly am able to recover my old project files for my discography...sadly the files just don't  load the same anymore but i'll figure it out) I WILL HOWEVER have something out by christmas, that is my goal, no idea what it will be yet but that is the plan. I still DJ as well so if you would like info on any shows (provided you are a Phoenix local) I'll get you on the list. I will also have a corisponding youtube channel to go along with the rebranding. I have a few alter egos but I am trying to get everything into one group or name, not sure how I am going to do it but I will post on multi platforms...BUT...I will always have Newgrounds exclusives.

TL;DR I'm back,I love you all, new stuff is a comin' soon, stick around, New track b4 x-mas, <3


2010-11-16 03:48:55 by Vaporize

Just put togeather a tidbit of my new track that I made just for newgrounds!!!! check it out! VOTE 5 =D!!!


2010-10-17 11:23:16 by Vaporize

I haven't posted anything in years but after I joined the military (some of you who follow me might remeber my last post before boot camp) I became a DJ (DJ Fox-3 or just Fox-3) BIG BIG news tho!!! If you have an Iphone, Xbox live, or windows phone 7 then you might have the game app called "THE IMPOSSIBLE GAME or IMPOSSIBLE" by FlukeDude, and my track abstraction is featured! Just play the practice mode and rock out!


2007-07-30 08:23:49 by Vaporize

Im comming out with a new escape theme today. It will be short on purpose, because it is just a sample of it. if you wish to use it i will make one with specific times in the detination sequence and the lenght of the build up!

It will be up around NOON standard mountain time!